A 12 days / 11 nights roundtrip that starts and ends in Thessaloniki. This trip gives the chance to someone who has already visited Greece and its most famous sites, like the Acropolis, to get to know the other side of Greece, with its beautiful and vast nature.


Day 1, Thessaloniki
Arrival in Thessaloniki. Transfer to hotel in the area of Thessaloniki.

Day 2, Thessaloniki
Full day site seeing in Thessaloniki. We will visit the Byzantine museum, the church of Saint Demetrius, the patron saint of the city and the White Tower. Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki.

Day 3, Sivota
Departure from Thessalonikiki. Visit Vergina were the tomb of the father of Alexander the Great lies. Drive to Sivota. Dinner and overnight in Sivota.

Day 4, Sivota
A one day cruise to Paxi and Antipaxi islands where we can swim in the amazing crystal clear blue waters!! Dinner and overnight in Sivota.

Day 5, Sivota
Full day excursion to Nekromanteion and Axerontas river, the river that Ancient Greeks believed lead the dead to the underworld. We can also visit the town of Parga on this day (or Dodoni). Dinner and overnight in Sivota.

Day 6, Kalambaka
Departure from Sivota. On our way to Ioannina we can visit Dodoni (if we don’t visit it on day 5). Visit also the city of Ioannina. Dinner and overnight in Kalambaka.

Day 7, Pelion
In the morning visit Meteora. Afterwards drive to Pelion. On our way there, we can make a coffee stop in Volos. Dinner and overnight in Pelion.

Day 8, Pelion
Full day excursion in Pelion to view the picturesque villages of this area. Dinner and overnight in Pelion.

Day 9, Platamonas
Departure from Pelion and drive to Platamonas. On this day we can visit Dion and the mountain Olympus. Dinner and overnight in Platamonas.

Day 10, Chalkidiki
Departure from Platamonas and drive to Chalkidiki. Dinner and overnight in Chalkidiki.

Day 11, Chalkidiki
One day cruise round mount Athos. Dinner and overnight in Chalkidiki.

Day 12
Transfer to Thessaloniki airport.