Dignity Travel and Tourism is a General Travel Agency, established in Athens in 1991, specialized exclusively in roundtrips and incentives in the Greek mainland.

The cultural and historical heritage, the excellent climate, the diversity of the beautiful landscapes and the friendly environment make the Greek mainland an ideal destination there for.

Since 1991 we have been successfully materializing for our partner tour operators innumerous roundtrips of all kinds, from Classical Roundtrips of Greece, visiting the most famous archaeological monuments like the Acropolis and Epidaurus, to trips through the less famous but of incomparable beauty of Northern Greece, like the complex of villages of the Zagorochoria at the Pindos mountains or the island of Thassos.

We have also organized a vast amount of incentives, mostly tailor made. Incentives just to relax at a luxurious hotel at the Apollo Coast, enjoying the sun and sea, or more active incentives with full day excursions, active walking tours through Athens, etc.

Our many years of experience and the fact that we aim to follow an “over-deliver” strategy, have enabled us to take travel services one step beyond. Dignity Travel will be there to materialize your idea for a roundtrip, your client’s request for an incentive or of course put together a new product to meet your clientele’s needs.

Dignity is the travel agent you can count on, your person in Greece!